Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words: Water Sanitation on Lake Victoria


Anonymous said...

Kevin and John

You are right... a picture IS worth a thousand words! We were complaining about our water tasting bad, so we called "The Culligan Man". Seems pretty trivial now!

Aunt Reen

Kristy Mitcham said...

Thanks for all the pictures and stories. Everyone of them continue to amaze me. Whether it is something unbelievable like your Kili hike or eye opening like the water sanitation issues. I hope you two are doing well and staying healthy. I wish you the best and look forward to the next update :)
Take Care!

Libby Wayman said...

Re your previous discovery of all the tigers fans:... yes! people are unknowingly fans of detroit in the mountains of lesotho as well! the only way i have been able to relate them to the living, breathing, beating pulse that they are unknowingly chearing for is to say "you know, M n M??" that seems to work... a little.. anyway, i give the unsuspecting "tigers fans" hi-fives everytime i see them, and they still can't figure it out. there goes that crazy "lekhooa" again (lekhooa means white person). oh well!

i missed you guys and the top-of-africa excursion. really wish i could have been there. was thinking about you all along...

cant wait to see you guys at the "top of michigan" in only a few weeks!

Andrew said...

Good Luck. I look forward to report when you get back from your adventures. Make sure you catch some fish!!!

Make sure you hire a fishing guide

Nikhil said...

Hey Kevin & John,
My name is Nikhil and my friend Jess forwarded this blog to me after she recieved it over the pih listserv. anyways, we are both HUGE fans of what you guys are doing and we both hope to follow in very similar footsteps in the future. If you are ever in Atlanta, be sure to let us know and we should all hang out :) Feel free to e-mail me at or Jess at