Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Deadly Catch: Lake Victoria AIDS Crisis": A Film Documentary

If you have 15 minutes, please take a look at this film documentary on the situation in fishing villages along Lake Victoria. It was filmed in the Bondo district, next to the Suba district where we are working. The situation in the islands is very similar, if not more disturbing, due to their isolation. The website for the film is http://www.irinnews.org/film/ , scroll halfway down the page to the film titled "DEADLY CATCH". Let us know what you think...


Anonymous said...

Just ..

Anonymous said...

dear kevin and john
although the miles between us keep us apart you folks are in our thought's every day.
i have to pinch myself to even think of all you have done these past months.
cant wait for christmas to see and hear all about the new life you are experiencing. i read this with tears in my eyes because it is so hard to believe.
good bye god bless till we meet again.
love grandma "d"

Johnny Mac said...

Kevin and John-
Allow me to update you on the happenings here in the 313...
1-Spartans lost to Illinois (Nelson has yet to return any of my calls).
2-The Tigers lost the 1st gamae to the Yankees (I am convinced the end of this season has taken at least 10 years off my lfe expectancy)
3-I have a real job (that comment probably took 10 years off of everyone else's life expectancy)
4-And the Wolverines are preparing for their lopsided victory over Nelson's Spartans this weekend (Jeff, if you read this, expect more phone calls this weekend).
Keep up the good work fellas.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and John,

Nelson will continue to not call John back until he has something nice to say. Nelson is a little sensitive right now about his Spartans. Nelson will call John this weekend.

Hi Kevin and John (Kurap). Nice talking to you today. Tigers won. Talk to you on Friday for the next game.

Anonymously Nelson

Anonymous said...

Hi Kev and John-

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. That short video was unbelievable. You are in my thoughts.
Grandma and I have a package leaving for you this week. I am just waiting to find out what type of memory card you need for your camera.
Hi from Ron and the kids!

Aunt Reen

PS Do you have email so I can send you photos?

Anonymous said...

Kevin and John,
Mark and I have been following your blog and find you both incredibly,heroic young men. Your work is beyond words.........We are so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

It is great to see that Becca has jumped on our bandwagon, in light of the Twins unfortunate sweep. Glad to have her! All games are being recorded for your future viewing. One thing you guys are missing out on is the changes in this city with a little hope. People are more friendly, they are positive, they are respectful. People are joining together. Kroger announces the score over the loudspeaker as you are shopping. When we win, the whole store cheers for the reaching of a common goal. Everyone is on the same side. It seems to me that Africa could use a little Baseball. Bless you Boys.
CKC (&B &Z)

Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin and John, I am writing you from Dallas, TX where we now live. I just finished viewing "Deadly Catch".What tremendous challenges to improve that situation. There is much work to do in this world and God bless you as you do yours. Africa has a world of needs. I am currently teaching English as a Second Language to adult immigrants. Several of my students are recently from Africa--Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. Much love to you both. Take good care. Barbara Lloyd

Andrea said...

Hope you guys are doing well!!!!